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Grab interest


JOE DOE is a Verb. JOE DOE is an Action. JOE DOE is your interest and maintenance of a Valued Relationship.

In the beginning JOE DOE was billed as a Client Custodian or a Client Relationship Agent. But it felt wrong, as JOE was more than that. In addition to maintaining a bit of communication with my CEO of Bergdorf Goodman from a decade past, JOE also keeps me in touch with my brother with regular engagement rather than random activity.

JOE DOE is not limited to CRM and VIC programs as JOE is also personal and not defined as a Client only operative.

At one point JOE was going to transition to be female with intent to be on trend like Siri and Alexa, or someone named Lola, but that lost out.

JOE then explored the life of a Cowboy who would corral and protect your most Valued Group apart from the Crowd. The Cowboy thing was a bit too close to the appearance of the Marlboro Man so Joe moved on.

Should JOE DOE be a Super Hero? With a Rolodex Head and use Super Strength to solicit and secure the Who’s Who for You?

Finally, JOE is a verb and an action of engagement and maintenance. A simple know who you are and know who you know approach to relationships and prospective connections.

JOE gives you a Daily TO DO list to improve your relationships. And your LIFE.